Just in case you have missed all the budget coverage

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There are myriad budget commentaries available at this time of year, on TV, radio, the internet and in pretty much all of the newspapers.  Rather than adding to the maelstrom, my aim is to provide a simple summary that’s easy to read and which might provide you with questions or ideas to explore to benefit you or your business.  So here goes:Image

As the learned tax professional John Whiting is wont to say, with the Budget as with so many things, the devil is always in the detail.

These notes and reflections are based on my initial review of the draft Finance Bill 2013, as posted on the HM Treasury website, http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk and there will no doubt be a few changes before Finance Act 2013 receives Royal Assent in the summer.  Finance Bill 2013 is due to be published on 28 March 2013 and so this note will be updated…

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